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How smart employers remove the risk of liability, lawsuits and more.

How smart employers remove the risk of liability, lawsuits and more:

Human Resources these days can feel like walking a tightrope: the slightest error may bring the most dire consequences. Nonetheless, all business owners know that HR is a necessary engine that keeps employees satisfied and companies running smoothly. Modern HR now comes with the added weight of greater government regulations,compliance with state and federal reporting and concerns over potential employee lawsuits and more. Thankfully, Profit Advantage is built to handle these issues, giving business owners a much-needed sigh of relief.

Solution: Reduce your exposure with offsite HR.

Business owners today face a tremendous amount of liability whether they’re hiring their first employee, or their 50th. That’s where Profit Advantage can make a difference to your bottom line. Profit Advantage functions as an off-site Human Resource Department providing owners with the expertise needed to reduce their liability. The benefit? By putting experts on the job, you can focus on doing your original job—growing your business.

One service that provides every service.

While the most highly qualified Human Resource providers can provide some assistance for your employer needs, Profit Advantage can provide all of your needs. Our services include:

• Payroll processing and tax reporting.
• Employee benefit administration.
• COBRA administration.
• Immigration & naturalization compliance.
• Unemployment administration and defense.
• Department of Labor- Wage and Hour division audits.
• Employee handbooks customized for your business.
• New hire reporting compliance.
• Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Requests (EEOC).
• Complete unemployment administration.
• Provide updates on new laws affecting your business.
• Consultation on disciplinary actions.
• Wage and hour compliance assistance.
• Consultation on disciplinary actions.
• Employee terminations.
• Maintenance of employee personnel records. (I-9, W-4, Review Forms, Disciplinary Reports)

And those are just a few items taken off the plate of happier employers everywhere!